So What’s the Point

So What’s the Point?

What’s the point of setting goals—for any of us? With few exceptions, people who set goals achieve more and better results because they’re focused day and night on the desired outcome. They generate more money—for themselves and their employer. Instead of spending the first part of every day figuring out what they’re going to do, […]

Tradeoffs_ Cost vs. Value-700

Tradeoffs, Risks, Action!

Because pivotal opportunities sometimes present themselves only once—and often come from out of the blue—we can seize and accept the risk of unknown outcomes or watch them vanish. That’s the way it was for Jim and me—three opportunities that led to unimagined rewards that changed our lives. How could we have known in our twenties […]

Make It a Game Changer

Make It a Game Changer

Where else but in West Michigan can we experience 10 minutes of heavy snow in early May then close out the month with 12 days of the most glorious summer weather imaginable with everyday temps in the 80s? Suddenly it’s summer!  The weddings, showers, new babies, and vacations we’ve anticipated all winter long are suddenly […]