As a lifelong learner, I’ve made substantial investments in my education which has come in many forms. But rather than counting the cost, I look at the value of the knowledge these books, certifications, training and degrees provide. I look at the doors and opportunities these investments have opened for me to gain real world experience in business ownership, consulting, coaching and now mentoring others.

For the last four years I have enjoyed the benefits of being mentored by five remarkable mentors on the John Maxwell Team and now by John himself. Without a doubt, this is one of the best investments I’ve ever made in continuing professional growth and development. Being mentored by people of achievement on topics relevant to you and your success offers opportunities you’ll gain in no other way.

Mentoring Program

Unlike coaching where the coach asks questions of participants, in mentorship, you’ll have the chance to bring specific questions to the session about challenges and issues you’re dealing with right now such as work relationships, ethical quandaries, how to get ahead or whether you should start your own business.

When looking for a mentor seek out someone who already has the qualities you may not see in yourself—someone who’s had a variety of work and leadership experiences. It you’re in business, look for a mentor who’s owned at least one business for enough years to have experienced both success and struggles. Mentors who possess the wisdom, experience and success you’re seeking may well be older than you. They have much they can teach you.

Good mentoring is uplifting and inspirational. It will teach you things about yourself you didn’t know and challenge you to be better—to move forward, take risks and persevere.

If you’re looking for a solid investment for 2017 that will pay high dividends, call me: Judy DeLapa at 616-949-5013 for a no-obligation conversation about the possibility of working together in a mentoring relationship.

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