Confidential Executive Coaching

High-Impact Coaching & Consulting provides Confidential Executive Coaching and Mentoring services for business owners, executives, directors of non-profits and other high-potentials from the convenience of their own offices or homes. Judy DeLapa is the one-and-only Executive Coach and contact person for all clients who enroll in High-Impact Coaching.

Executive Coaching is about Performance Development

Business Executive Coaching is all about performance development in high potential leaders. In some instances executive coaching includes their direct reports - especially when Succession Planning is part of the Business Strategy. Executive coaching includes but is not limited to:

  • Leadership and Management Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing and Branding
  • Succession Planning
  • Personal and Organizational Development

Business Coaching Forms a Strategic Partnership with your Coach

Business Executive Coaching is a partnership between a Business Executive, Business Owner or Nonprofit Executive and an experienced Business Executive Coach. Assessments for Leadership Abilities of executives are part of the coaching package that leads to new discoveries and potential areas of professional growth.

High-Impact Executive Coaching offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Business Executive Coaching comes with no guarantees - save one: a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee if for any reason you are disappointed or find that what I provide is not what you expected. To date - in four years - no one has ever cashed in on the Money-Back Guarantee. But it's there as a safety net if you need it. That means it's up to me to deliver.

Business Executive Coaching Strengthens every Area of your Life

Business Executive Coaching does, however, come with this assurance: If you arrive prepared for each session with your sleeves rolled up ready to go to work, within a few months time, you'll feel stronger in most areas of your life. You'll be living your life in alignment with your highest values. Simplifying your life is a key piece of your development and an added benefit. Don't be surprised if you notice increased energy and a new spring in your step!

Build a Business with Integrity and Respect from your Business Coach

What can you expect of me as your Business Executive Coach? You can expect me to show you the greatest respect at all times and honor your expectation of confidentiality before, during and after the time we work together. You can expect me to commit to an open, honest relationship characterized by integrity and candor.  You can expect me to put you, your needs, wants and concerns front-and-center during the entire time of our scheduled appointments. You can expect me to be a good listener, serve as a sounding board and to ask good questions that help lead you to your own solutions. And lastly, you may expect me to serve as a strategic partner with you as you make discoveries about yourself, achieve your goals and reach new heights.

Call Today and Experience Positive Change from Executive Coaching

If High-Impact Business Executive Coaching sounds like it may be the kind of strategic partnership you've been looking for, call Judy DeLapa today at 616-949-5013.

Confidential Coaching

Confidential Coaching