What are the odds?

What Are the Odds?

“Move over, Beer City. Something stronger is coming.” This was the opening paragraph of a short article in the Entertainment section of last night’s local paper. The article goes on to describe a new citywide promotion—“Cocktail Week GR”–now in full swing being promoted by the recently formed GR Cocktail Guild promoting hand-crafted cocktails. Neither my […]

high achiever finishing well

Finishing Well

Some time ago I read an account of a man and his elderly father who traveled cross-country just to spend some precious father-son time together. As they drove west their conversations often turned to family friends the son remembered from his youth—some living, some deceased. The son’s final question to his father about each was […]

make it your best ever summer

Now’s the time to plan a stress-free, fun and very cool summer!

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy…Fish are jumpin…and the cotton is high”, George Gershwin’s music and lyrics from Porgy and Bess describe summers of another era. Yet our summers hold even more possibilities and promise if we’re willing to screen out the noise and busyness of our everyday life. What better time to start planning […]