4 Ways to Open Doors to Opportunities

4 Ways to Open Doors to Opportunities

Awareness is a topic that finds its way into most coaching conversations because it opens doors. Awareness is key to communicating, developing harmonious relationships and achieving personal and professional goals. Coaches support clients in building their awareness of themselves, the people they allow into their lives, the environment they’re in and the results they’re getting. […]

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It’s OK to be Over Your Head!

For years I’ve known who my best clients are without giving the subject any deeper thought. They are high-achievers, CEO’s, VPs and Directors of for-profit and non-profit businesses and business owners of privately held companies. All that is still true. At the time, I struggled to find ways to narrow the field—be more specific.  In […]


Investing in Self-Awareness – Investing in You

To be self-aware of our own emotions and the emotions of those around us allows us to adjust and manage our emotions in our relationships even when—and especially when—those emotions become challenging—or heated. This is true in the workplace as well as in your personal relationships. When things are going well and there is relatively little stress, […]