About Coaching & Consulting Services


High-Impact Coaching & Consulting provides confidential Executive Coaching, Business Consulting and Marketing Strategy to public and privately held companies as well as non-profit organizations. As a High-Impact client, you’ll find yourself focusing as never before on results, profits and sustainable growth.

With Judy DeLapa and High-Impact as your strategic partners, you’ll gain confidence, command more respect, lead your team with greater professionalism and implement systems that enhance your bottom line.

As a client of High-Impact, you’ll be challenged and strengthened as you begin to maximize your innate strengths and reap the benefits of business executive coaching. Your team will notice a remarkable improvement in your leadership, business and professional communication skills and the smooth new way you conduct company meetings. You tailor each coaching session to your wants, needs and objectives on the days we meet. My role, based on many years of business ownership and consulting experience, is to listen and ask good questions that allow you to discover solutions to your specific needs based on your expertise in your own business.

Who will benefit from business executive coaching?

  • Owners of established businesses
  • Presidents, vice-presidents and marketing executives
  • Career employees – newly promoted and those who feel “stuck”

Whether you are on the road with your laptop, in your office, a hotel room, or in the comfort of your own home, you can access confidential business executive coaching by telephone wherever you are. If you are feeling overwhelmed, exploited or simply want to move your career to the next level and get your life back, now is the time to take the first step. NOW is the time to make it happen. Call 616-949-5013 or e-mail Judy DeLapa at jdelapa@high-impact.com.

As one new client said after her very first session, “Oh, I can feel myself breathing easier already.”

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