Executive Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring

High-Impact Coaching & Consulting is totally dedicated to coaching and mentoring clients determined to do whatever it takes to achieve their very best. Most often I work with:

  • CEO’s and Vice Presidents of privately owned businesses in the growth phase of their businesses
  • CEO’s and Directors of Not-for-profit organizations
  • Individuals who feel stuck in their current positions who need support, direction and confidence to move to the next level.

In the 14 years since I began working as a professionally trained Executive Coach I have coached and mentored dozens of business and non-profit executives to become exemplary leaders, develop confidence in themselves, earn significant promotions, and turn their careers and their lives around.

Here’s how we—the client and the coach/mentor together—accomplish this:

  • I serve as your strategic partner as we focus on the needs, wants and objectives you bring to the coaching or mentoring relationship.
  • You set the agenda for each session while I first listen, then ask powerful questions based on my professional training and experience to chart the course for you to reach your objectives.
  • Coaching and mentoring is a process based on a trusting relationship that works if you work and produces results.
  • You, the client, do the work because it is in doing the work assigned to you between sessions where you will experience your greatest growth.

When you become a High-Impact client, you’ll find me to be respectful of you at all times, totally dedicated to your success yet non-judgmental about the decisions you make. As your coach or mentor you can expect professionalism, confidentiality, and rigorous coaching that will bring out your best. 90% of coaching effectiveness depends on who your coach is and 10% on where she trained.

I have spent my life helping people maximize their abilities and achieve greater success by identifying their strengths and coaching them to align their actions with their highest values. Because this is my passion and my calling, I continue to coach and mentor the select few who are willing to invest in themselves and do the work required to become the person they were meant to be. Why not take the first step? Call me now at 616-949-5013 or send me an e-mail at jdelapa@high-impact.com with your phone number for a prompt call-back.

The High-Impact Guarantee

With years of experience and a trail of satisfied clients, here is what you can expect...

If you work with me for a year, showing up for each session and doing the work assigned, you will be stronger in almost every area of your life. Period.

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What my clients have to say

I have served with Judy on the boards of directors for two nonprofit organizations and have known Judy for about 10 years. She is diligent, informed, insightful and articulate. She makes excellent contributions to discussions that cover many subjects and is particularly helpful in the area of marketing. I recommend her highly.

John Bouwer President Bentheim, Inc.

I have enjoyed Judy's professional approach to issues brought before the Foundation and her willingness to listen to the sometimes diverse opinions presented on the issues. She approaches matters with an open and intelligent mind and then makes well reasoned conclusions. She is a real plus as a Trustee of the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park Foundation.

Earl Holton

Judy is a powerful change agent at MSU. Her outreach, expertise, advocacy, investment and friendship in support of people with disabilities are dear to Team RCPD. She remains cognizant of the power of higher education to change lives and open doors of possibility. She is firmly anchored with purpose, values each day as a precious window of opportunity, and challenges us to think big and act as entrepreneurs and engaged stewards of God’s gifts.

Michael Hudson Director and Senior Academic Specialist Michigan State University

I have had the privilege of getting to know Judy in several different capacities over the last six years. Whether personal or professional, her advice and insights reflect her years of experience and thoughtfully cultivated wisdom. I think she is especially good at understanding the “big picture” and identifying strategies that fit within the larger context while still being down-to-earth and achievable. If you’re considering a career coach, I definitely recommend Judy.

Gina Bovee Director of Endowed and Planned Giving University Development

Judy is a very professional person who can help with various areas of your business and in particular help executives and employees reach goals and work well together. First-class professional and years of experience.

Cathy Holbrook Executive Director St. Cecila Music Center

Judy doesn't just talk about the needs in our community; she takes action by giving generously of her time and resources. Judy leads by example and she is an inspiration to me!

Joanna Hogan President Impact for Success

I have, for many years, worked with Judy DeLapa in my position at Michigan State University. She is, in a word, a remarkable woman, but allow me to elaborate a bit. Judy is visionary, compassionate, extremely thorough and organized, articulate and persuasive. Her "moral compass" is without equal. She leads by example and, while not the least bit meek, courageous (but not overbearing) in her presentation of ideas, suggestions and plans of action. I am a huge admirer of Judy DeLapa's style and grace and respect much more than she knows.

Dan Chegwidden Director of Gift Planning Gift Planning at Michigan State University

Judy was retained by my company during a very difficult period and time in my career life. Her outstanding ability to make difficult situations and hard decisions manageable was second to none. She is incredibly compassionate in her delivery and cares personally for each individual whom she encounters. She delivers professional assessments with professionalism and enthusiasm, yet makes one-on-one sessions personalized with high attention to detail and sensitivity. I highly recommend Judy for professional and personal consulting.

Mary M. Swift

I have had several occasions to tap into Judy's expertise. Each time we talk, I find her to be clearly focused on my desired result and quite helpful in assisting me to create new strategies to achieve my goals. Judy has a wealth of common sense knowledge stemming from her professional coaching/consulting, vast community volunteer experience, as well as the experience of running several successful businesses.

Jean Johnson

Judy's astute insights and perceptive observations translated into strong leadership for the Grand Rapids Symphony board. Judy's unique combination of experience and intuition, along with her direct style makes her an extremely capable member of a leadership team.

Diane Lobbestael Vice President Development at Grand Rapids Symphony

I've worked with Judy through Leadership GR and other community efforts for many years and am consistently impressed with her commitment, energy and follow through. If Judy takes it on, it gets done.

Steve Heacock Senior Vice President Spectrum Health

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